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Become a fitter
Become a fitter

NEW CRYSTALSEAL® is a resin sealer reinforced with crystaline that welds block paving together. You can restore your driveway or patio to it’s former glory with NEW CRYSTALSEAL®

The only system that re-colours, seals and welds the joints together in three easy steps.

  • • Leaves the surface sealed against errosion of jointing sand
  • • Restricts weed growth and algae forming within the joints
  • • Permanently re-colours blocks in a choice of 6 modern colours

Step 1

Pressure wash the block paving making sure to remove any oils stains, algae etc: During the pressure cleaning process there will be approximately 5mm of sand removed from within the joints. (Do not remove more than this).

Step 2

Empty out a complete bag of the crystalene beads and sweep in between the bricks filling the grout joints to the brim.

Step 3

Pour the crystal-seal sealer (clear or coloured direct onto the surface in a line, then proceed to spread the sealer with a soft coconut fibre broom making sure to soak and fill the joints with sealer. (Repeat step 3 for a full gloss finish).